Himalayan Pure Black Shilajit+Regain Power Capsule Combo Kit

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Indivedic Himalayan Pure Shilajit Resin 20g-Immunity booster:Indivedic Himalayan Pure Black Shilajit Resin is the purest form of the shilajit, and it comes with endless benefits and helps keep a healthy…

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About Product

Shilajit is a naturally occurring substance offer sexual health and wellness. Owing to its therapeutic properties, it treats many health conditions but specifically, Shilajit for men is highly demanded. The sticky substances originated in the rocks of the Himalayas to become fossilized after centuries of decomposition of specific plant species. Now, the substance can be accessed in varied forms: Shilajit Resins or Raw, Shilajit Powder, and Shilajit Capsules. 

Shilajit is a medicinal herb with essential minerals and fulvic acid present in natural shilajit to rejuvenate the body internally. A person consuming it regularly can attain stamina, longevity, and virility. 

Composition of Shilajit Natural

Silaras is composed of an abundance of minerals but its primary constituent is fulvic acid. Scientifically, it has been claimed that Asphaltum takes centuries to evolve after the decomposition of specific plant species through the microbial process. It has nutrients and molecules like resins, sterols, amino acids, fatty acids, ellagic acid, polyphenols, and phenolic lipids.

Enriched with the essential components and fulvic acid, makes it a potential medicine for issues like nervous, immune, and digestive disorders. It is commonly consumed as a performance enhancer though. 

Enjoy Sexual Wellness with Shilajit

Battle low sex drive with a potential Ayurvedic solution - Shilajit for men. If lack of energy has drained up your sexual life. Then, not to worry. Try this medicinal product to recover and boost your sexual power. Let’s get to know the benefits of the Himalayan Pure Black Shilajit+Regain Power Capsule Combo Kit

Shilajit for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a problem that men encounter. It could occur from conditions like stress, anxiety, and so on. Shilajit and Shilajit Substitutes like Shatavari is one of the primitive natural herbs that have been used. The main aim is to resolve all sex-related problems which men face and empower sex drive and libido in men.

Testosterone Booster

Testosterone is a primary male sex hormone produced by male testes and female ovaries in a small amount. But some men face a lower level of testosterone. Low testosterone levels in men lead to problems like low sexual drive, loss of hair, muscle mass loss, and tiredness. Here, Shilajit capsules work to raise testosterone levels. It improves stamina and virility.

Consuming Shilajit pills with lukewarm milk before sleeping helps increase the blood flow in the male genitals. Thus, increases the production of Testosterone  

Boost Sperm Count, and Treat Male Infertility

Medical studies have proven that Shilajit for men is a safe natural supplement to resolve infertility issues. A research conducted reveals that the intake of this medicinal herb for 90 days can improve sperm count and sperm motility rate. Also, Shilajit substitutes (Shatavari) plays a key role in enhancing male fertility. 

Resolves Fatigue and Tiredness

Experiencing tiredness or feeling drained all the time? Sometimes, even so intense that it becomes difficult to fall asleep or to wake up early in the morning. Don’t fret! The Shilajit supplements like Ashwagandha are also used as a revitalizer to promote energy build-up and physical performance. Thus, reducing tiredness. 

Shilajit a Performance Enhancement

Ayurveda is a science well-established and has been around for thousands of years. It's a fact that people in earlier eras were more fertile and reproductively active than those of today’s time. Since the dawn of human civilization, Ayurveda has been used to heal all illnesses. The Sanskrit word ‘shilajit himalaya’ means ‘Winner of Rock’ and ‘Destroyer of weakness’. 

Its extensive use has been mentioned in ancient traditional systems of India like Charaka Samhita, and Susruta Samhita. Silaras and Shilajit substitutes as a remedy has been used for centuries and can also be used to treat premature ejaculation and other sexual disorders. Today, Shilajit for men is a performance enhancement medicine that has been highly recommended in Ayurveda to improve sexual performance and health. 

Try Himalayan Pure Black Shilajit+Regain Power Capsule Combo Kit to see better results in your bed performance. 

What to consider before buying Shilajit Products?

Buying Pure shilajit is necessary to avail of the full benefits. To do so, never buy Shilajit in raw or unprocessed form. The unprocessed or raw form shouldn’t be consumed. It can make you sick instead as it may contain heavy metals, free radicals, fungus, etc.

  • So make sure to buy authentic shilajit.
  • Consider a trustworthy shilajit extract manufacturer.
  • Check whether you are buying from a certified source. 

There are so many online retailers available offering Shilajit for men. Finding a trustworthy is a tough deal! You must consider the online reviews that unveil the authenticity of a firm.  

Indovedic Wellness is a reliable online platform to shop for the best quality health products for men including shilajit testosterone, Viagra, etc. All of the product offered here is quality tested and verified. 


How to use: 

Take Shilajit equal to pea size and dissolve it into lukewarm water or milk


  • Boosts Immune System ,
  • Helps to Increase Physical Strength ,
  • Helps to Promote Healthy Ageing ,
  • Helps to control Cognitive Disorders , 
  • Helps to Improve Cell Functions , 
  • Helps to control Blood Pressure ,
  • Helpful for Brain Function 
  • Helps In Digestion
  • Ingredients:- Shudh Shilajit Exd  Asphaltum Punjabinum
  • Dose: Take a pea size pure shilajit resin, mix it with lukewarm water/ milk or as directed by the physician
  • Bottle Capacity: Each bottle contains 20g pure Shilajit
    Product Info:
Capacity:          20 gm
Product Form: Resin
Certification:   GMP Certified

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